Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sarah Basco nude pix

Sarah Basco Photo

Sarah Basco is a Filipino nursing student from the University of the East, Manila, Philippine. Basco might become a new most talked-about person in her country after these days’ Hayden Khoo-Katrina Halili-Maciar Reyes shockwave, because a bunch of the self-photographed pictures originally supposed only for her boyfriend viewing were leaked online. Apparently, Basco’s man cheated her, from an a-dult blog:

She swear to god that the video and the photos wasn’t meant for all to view. It was supposed to be for her bf at that time and she really blame herself for trusting him.

Due to the n-udity, we’d only like to post Sarah Basco’s safe for watch pictures, click on the thumbnails to enlarge:

Sarah Basco, A Filipino Nursing StudentNursing student Sarah Basco and her friends pictureSarah Basco Bikini PictureSarah Basco Self-Taking A Picture Front of the Mirror

The video indicated in the quoted context is a tape showing Sarash basco wildly playing “fun” with a pillow. We got the free download link of Sarah Basco pillow video to Megaload, Rapidshare and zShare so on. Sorry, we could not post them here. Rather, we show you the following Youtube video in which Sarah Basco was singing Baltimore in Los Angeles, (April) 2008.

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